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  • Acupuncture
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  • Cupping
  • Feng Shui
  • Mind-Body Traing/Qigong

The Stonegate Longevity Cooperative

Not Just Another Acupuncturist



Bret Rogers,LAc.

  • Faculty/Resident Supervisor- AOMA College of Integrative Medicine
  • AOBTA Certified- Tui Na

Justin Phillips, LAc.

  • Faculty/Clinical Supervisor- AOMA College of Integrative Medicine
  • Associate Dean/ Director of Clinical Studies- Healing Tao Institute of Medical Qigong
  • Author of 'The Living Needle'- Preeminent English Language Text on Acupuncture Technique
  • Featured Speaker at Google's Health Month
  • Featured Faculty of 2017 at AOMA

-Justin always answers my questions and discusses at length my concerns. He is very smart. His passion for his art and healing will keep me  a faithful patient. Yes, you will get help. Yes, you will be cared for. Yes, you will go back.

-Bret is an amazing acupuncturist and qigong instructor. Whenever my shoulder pain flares up, cupping, acupuncture and qigong with Bret fixes me right up!

Stonegate is not your typical acupuncture clinic. The core of Chinese Medical thinking is not about treating disease, but about creating a long and healthy life, and that means we have to not only treat you when you're in the office, but help you create habits that benefit longevity, and give you the tools to optimize that. We also believe that access to a consistent treatment protocol is critical to real long term change. In order to do all of this we have created a unique approach to treatment that combines one-on-one style treatment with a community approach, as well as the traditional mind-body practices at the heart of Chinese Medicine. 

This is the Stonegate Longevity Cooperative, a process with you at the center and designed to maximize your access to the things that will really affect your health. Typically patients will start with an initial one-on-one visit to determine the full scope of their case and their immediate treatment needs. From there they will typically follow-up with our group treatment sessions, which incorporate community style acupuncture with guided meditation and qigong, to help bring them directly into the treatment experience. Should a new complaint arise, or if they need a more comprehensive follow-up they can always return for another one-on-one visit. In addition Stonegate offers several mind-body classes to fill out the tool box for our patient's self-care routines. 

Health is not a destination, it's a journey you take every single day, and the Stonegate Longevity Cooperative is here to make sure you have a map!