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Traditional Chinese Constitutional Medicine

Stonegate Wellness is not just another medical clinic. While it is true that we offer a wide variety of medical services it is community that lies at the real heart of Stonegate. We offer free community classes, weekend seminars, panel discussions, and so much more. Stonegate Wellness is not just a place you come when you're sick in order to feel better, but a place you can come to learn, to grow, and to meet others within the community who are interested in the same things your are. So please, learn more about us and join us on the great journey toward optimal wellness.


Weekly Health Tip

Just five minutes of deep mindful breathing a day has been shown to reduce high blood pressure, and improve the quality of sleep!

News and Events

April 23rd, 6:30-8pm we will be having a very special seminar on Managing Stress. We will also be making a very special announcement that will be available for only a limited time, so make sure to come out!

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