No matter what health issues you're wrestling with, our comprehensive Longevity Coaching will help you find the answers to get better quickly!

Bret Rogers,LAc.

  • Faculty/Resident Supervisor- AOMA College of Integrative Medicine
  • AOBTA Certified- Tui Na


-Justin always answers my questions and discusses at length my concerns. He is very smart. His passion for his art and healing will keep me  a faithful patient. Yes, you will get help. Yes, you will be cared for. Yes, you will go back.

-Bret is an amazing acupuncturist and qigong instructor. Whenever my shoulder pain flares up, cupping, acupuncture and qigong with Bret fixes me right up!


Health Care isn't about treating diseases, it's about living well!


The secret to long term vitality is preventative care; from maintenance treatments, to life-style coaching, to mind-body practices, we offer it all.

Justin Phillips, LAc.

  • Faculty/Clinical Supervisor- AOMA College of Integrative Medicine
  • Associate Dean/ Director of Clinical Studies- Healing Tao Institute of Medical Qigong
  • Author of 'The Living Needle'- Preeminent English Language Text on Acupuncture Technique
  • Featured Speaker at Google's Health Month
  • Featured Faculty of 2017 at AOMA

True health doesn't stop with palliative care, but continues to correcting underlying imbalances so that you stay well no matter what happens.

  • Longevity Coaching
  • Acupuncture
  • Herbal Medicine
  • Cupping
  • Feng Shui
  • Mind-Body Traing/Qigong



Not Just Another Acupuncturist

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