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Bret rogers, LAc., macom, aobta-cp

Bret moved to Austin almost 20 years ago and immediately knew he was in the right spot. He graduated UT Austin with a Bachelors, double majoring in Urban Studies and Linguistics, and shortly after began to study dance and movement, specifically ballet, modern, and tai chi. These quickly became his new passion and to this day you can find him in studios around Austin. He likes to say his approach to Chinese Medicine and treatment is "profoundly influenced by these practices."

Bret came to Traditional Chinese Medicine through his practice of Tai Chi Chuan and Qigong. He began studying martial arts in 2007 and instantly felt drawn to the forms the body made in Tai Chi. The deliberate movements, the focus on qi, resonated with him and he quickly delved into the practice. As his interest matured, the academic within him began to yearn for the a deeper understanding of what was happening within these practices. In 2011 he decided to attend the AOMA School of Integrative Medicine earning a Master of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (MAcOM). In 2017 he started the Doctoral Program at AOMA and is focusing on acupuncture outreach for treating addiction in the Austin area.
He is currently on Faculty at AOMA as the Clinical Resident Supervisor, primary Teaching Assistant for the Biomedical Department and Acupuncture Techniques Department, and instructor for the Biomedical Terminology course. 

Bret practices acupuncture because of its integrative and holistic approach, particularly with respect to Women's Health. Having seen so many women and female bodied friends helped tremendously by this medicine after being dismissed by many other practitioners, he made it a primary focus of his studies. He also has focuses in pain management, sports injury, addiction, and mental health. Schedule online with him, or call to directly at (512) 450-4228 to make an appointment.

Justin Phillips, LAc., mstcm, cmq, cfs

The idea of Stonegate Wellness started a long time ago. As a child of 6, Justin saw a program on PBS on meditation. It came on at 5:30am PST, but he got up morning after morning anyway, completely fascinated by the the movements and ideas. At recess one day he tried to teach his second grade class to meditate. A year later he started studying martial arts, and three years after that begin to study tai chi and qigong in earnest with his father. This interest and love of martial arts, meditation, and the energetic body continued to grow and expand as the years went on, until after graduating from the University of Houston with a Bachelor of Arts in English, Justin wandered into an open house at the American College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. The rest, as they say, is history. 

The moral of the story however, is that Justin didn't come into Chinese Medicine as a profession, but as a logical conclusion of his lifestyle, and what he learned from that is that health, wellness, fitness, and performance are all products of far more than a few trips to an office, or a handful of herbs you take with breakfast. They are a product of life, and of the choices we make every single day. Justin has lived his life by this principle and continued his studies to capitalize on them, adding National Certifications in Medical Qigong, Meditation Instruction, and Feng Shui. He is also a candidate for completion of Certification in Clinical Nutrition. His goal has been to gather together the tools and information so that he can provide his patients the opportunity to live the lives they want, experience the health the deserve, and meet the goals that matter most to them. 

His approach is about 'comprehensive'. From the first assessment, to the treatments, to the life modifications he wants to create a total system of   living that will optimize his patients experiences in and out of the office. 

Justin has extensive training in orthopedics and pain management, mental health, and endocrine health. He has worked with Austin Integrative         Medicine, Hausman Chiropractic and Acupuncture, Luke's Barbell Club, and MD Anderson Hospital. Justin was the Associate Dean and Director of Clinical Studies for the Healing Tao Institute of Medical Qigong and is currently faculty for AOMA School of Integrative Medicine where he teaches   acupuncture techniques, herbal medicine, taiji, qigong, and supervises in the resident clinic, and has a close working relationship with the Pregnancy and Postpartum Health Alliance of Texas, and Wellshift Inc. a health and wellness speaking group. Justin has also published a text book on acupuncture techniques.

In addition to his medical and health endeavors Justin is also a published fiction author, and continues his athletic pursuits as well in the world of martial arts and obstacle racing. 

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