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I know it seems weird but...

This is the story of a lot of my patients. They've been to see lots of different clinicians with a lot of different specialties. They've told their story over and over and each time they're met with a lack of answers. They're told their symptoms are weird, unusual, and sometimes all in their heads. I can only imagine how frustrating it must be to feel anything less than your best and be told there is nothing wrong with you. That's probably why it comes as such a relief when I tell them that in Traditional Chinese Medicine there are no strange symptoms, and usually with just a little bit of work we can make a pattern make sense. This is because of how TCM looks at illness and treatment. In TCM, we are treating the person as they are in that moment. The illness is not something separate from them, but just a manifestation of their current state of being. We use diagnosis and pathological terminology to describe what's happening, but in the end it is just the person. That means that no matter what you bring to the table, no matter how unusual your symptom pattern might be, it all falls within the realm of 'you'. So the next time you feel like you have some symptoms that are a little bit weird, try asking your friendly neighborhood acupuncturist, and maybe you'll find out that you aren't so odd after all!