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Tai Chi Fundamentals- Wednesdays 6-7pm- AOMA Campus in the Dojo, 4701 West Gate Blvd.- This class focuses on the fundamental shapes and movements of the tai chi form. The emphasis is on posture, alignments, and the generation of power not only for martial uses, but for every day health, wellness, and injury prevention. For more information feel free to contact us. 

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Longevity Coaching- More than just a service, Longevity Coaching is the core of our practice philosophy. Chinese Medicine is founded on a system of holistic maintenance focused on bringing about life-long vitality. Our goal is to help you attain that very thing, and meet all your personal goals along the way. Every visit with Stonegate is a Longevity Coaching session, because in every vision you'll receive not only the highest quality care in Chinese Medicine, but the tools and education to help you optimize your life in every single way. 

Acupuncture​- Although it is far from the only tool in the Chinese Medicine kit, Acupuncture is certainly the most well known. Acupuncture has been practiced for almost three thousand years in various forms. Modern acupuncture revolves around the insertion of very thin filiform needles into specific points on the body in order to trigger physiological function. One of the most common questions I get as an acupuncturist is, 'does acupuncture hurt?' The answer is, 'not when done correctly!' The needles used in acupuncture are incredibly tiny. In fact 18 to 20 of them can fit down the inside of the needle they use to give you a shot! The process of acupuncture should be comfortable and relaxing. Many of my patients actually fall asleep during the course of their treatments. 

Acupuncture works by stimulating the bodies internal communication systems, utilizing blood vessels, nerves, and even fascial conduction! Because everything in the body is connected, these systems when stimulated, allow us to trigger broad types of function throughout the body system. Acupuncture has been shown to directly influence brain activity, neurotransmitters, hormone production, inflammation, immune response, and even gene expression. This means that a single acupuncture treatment can change how your body is expressing and functioning on a genetic level!
Acupuncture is excellent for the treatment of a wide variety of issues such as:

Digestive Issues

Immune Support





Hormonal Balance

Menstrual Irregularities

and many, many more!

In fact the World Health Organization conducted a broad study on acupuncture and found it clinically effective for a huge number of disorders. If you'd like to read that study, just click here.

Herbal Medicine​- Herbal medicine, along with acupuncture is one of the largest components of Chinese Medical treatment. In fact, many modern pharmaceuticals are based on traditional herbal medicines. The greatest differences between these modern developed medicines and the traditional formulations is two fold. First, the more modern versions are typically a single, chemically isolated component that is concentrated for the medication whereas the traditional medicinals still come largely as whole components such as roots, nuts, or leaves. The second is that modern medicines are typically given one by one unlike the traditional formulations which are made up of anywhere between three to twelve herbal components selected to complement and augment each others functions, while minimizing any undesired effects. 

In the end, herbal medicine is not a replacement for Western pharmaceutical medicine, because the pharmaceuticals are typically stronger and can act more rapidly on the body. There are times where this kind of aggressive intervention is necessary, however it is not always the best course. The body resists change with the same vigor that the change is created. This means that with their stronger actions Western meds often result in a wide range of unpleasant side effects and require constant administration to maintain their function, because the body never integrates the changes. Conversely, the more gentle TCM herbs work more slowly, to produce a gradual change over time in body function that will usually produce fewer side effects, and lead to an eventual and permanent functional shift. 

Cupping​- Cupping is one of the secondary treatment methods available in Chinese Medicine. Traditionally the air inside a glass cup is heated and then the cup is quickly placed on the skin. As the air cools it creates suction, drawing the skin and some of the subcutaneous tissue upward. This is still used in modern practice as well as suction pumps and even silicon cups. The sensation can range from mild pressure to very strong pulling depending on the amount of suction used. Cupping is used to create space between the skin, fascia, and muscle which can improve blood flow exchange, lymph drainage, and lactic acid clearance. The stimulation of the skin and nerves can also help to discharge the nervous system to help discharge stress. Cupping has seen a lot of interest after the Olympics where athletes like Michael Phelps had visible cupping bruises during the course of the competition. The addition of cupping to a recovery routine for athletes can often shorten the necessary recovery period after strenuous exercise. Not every treatment will include cupping, but if you are interested in experiencing this wonderful therapy please feel free to ask and we will discuss whether it is appropriate in your case. 

Mind-Body Training/Qigong​- Qigong is a broad category of health practices. They can be anything from quite, sitting meditations up through very challenging physical movement. What unifies various forms of qigong is a focus on connecting the body, mind, and breathing. The practice of qigong in all of its forms can help release and manage stress, strengthen the body, improve flexibility, and improve body system function. Justin and Bret have both practiced qigong personally for many years and credit much of their own health and vitality to it. Because of this they often teache elements of qigong to patients while they are at the office. In addition they also teaches one-on-one and group lessons upon request, hold weekly classes, and host weekend seminars. Make sure to sign up for our newsletter so you don't miss any of our great events.  

The other aspect of qigong offered at Stonegate is Medical Qigong. Medical Qigong is based on the same principles of diagnosis and treatment as acupuncture, but uses contact and non-contact manipulations to adjust the body's functions and vital energy systems. There is some Medical Qigong in every treatment we do, as this kind of manipulation of the body systems is intrinsic to Chinese Medicine, but for some of our patients who are nervous or overly sensitive to the needles they can still get many of the same benefits through Medical Qigong without the needles. 

Justin is Nationally Certified in Medical Qigong and Qigong instruction through the National Qigong Association and has spent over 1000 hours in hands on training specifically in these practices, on top of his own personal practice of almost thirty years. If you'd like to find out more about Medical Qigong, or receive a treatment please let us know. 

Tai Chi​- Tai Chi is a traditional martial art that has grown significantly in popularity in recent years. This is due to the fact that it is useful not only as a style of self defense, but also a tremendous health practice. It has been shown to dramatically improve balance and flexibility, as well as decrease stress and more. These benefits arise because of how Tai Chi is practiced. Unlike many martial arts, Tai Chi is practiced very slowly (at least when you first start learning it). It emphasizes slow movements, soft and relaxed muscles, and correct body alignment to generate both support and power. This emphasis on relaxed alignment leads to an overall improvement of body function and decrease injury not only in day to day life, but in other forms of training as well. 

With time, Tai Chi can also be trained into a powerful and effective form of self-defense. Justin teaches both the health, and martial aspects of Tai Chi, as well as a wide range of Tai Chi weapons such as straight sword, broad sword, staff, fan, and soft weapons. He teaches private and group lessons on request, as well as weekend seminars. Justin is currently teaching Tai Chi on a private lesson basis. If you're interested in learning more or booking a class with Justin please contact us to learn more.

Feng Shui​- Feng Shui is a tremendously misunderstood practice. It is often associated with mysticism or religion, but neither are truly a part of Feng Shui. Feng Shui, at its core is a tremendously practical discipline that centers around how we create and use space in our environment; whether that environment is work, home, or our larger surroundings. Feng Shui is used by people all over the world, from simple home owners up to some of the largest companies in the world. 

The need for Feng Shui arises from a simple truth; if you are in conflict with your environment then you cannot truly heal. The purpose of the Feng Shui consultation is to create more natural flow in your space, create spaces for rest, healing, and activity, and eliminate 'sha', or unpleasant stimuli. The effects of having a home or work space balanced are often dramatic and surprising, with break throughs in long stagnant projects, recovery from chronic illnesses, and an overall sense of well-being. Feng Shui is one of the practices that really sets Stonegate apart from other clinics. This is where we really get to the nuts and bolts of helping you not only through treatment, but by giving you the tools and guidance to live the optimized life that you want.