Shimen Chuan Taiji

Taiji is a traditional martial art that has grown significantly in popularity in recent years. This is due to the fact that it is useful not only as a style of self defense, but also a tremendous health practice. It has been shown to dramatically improve balance and flexibility, as well as decrease stress and more. These benefits arise because of how Taiji is practiced. Unlike many martial arts, Taiji is practiced very slowly (at least when you first start learning it). It emphasizes slow movements, soft and relaxed muscles, and correct body alignment to generate both support and power. This emphasis on relaxed alignment leads to an overall improvement of body function and decrease injury not only in day to day life, but in other forms of training as well. 

With time, Taiji can also be trained into a powerful and effective form of self-defense. Justin teaches both the health, and martial aspects of Taiji, as well as a wide range of Taiji weapons such as straight sword, broad sword, staff, fan, and soft weapons. He teaches private and group lessons on request, as well as weekend seminars.

Justin, in conjunction with Matt Bius of Taoist in Black is currently teaching a Taiji curriculum in the Luke's Barbell Club space connected to his office. This class encorporate all the elements of his personal Taiji practice into a single class, from standing and walking practices, to strength and endurance drills, and empty handed and sword methods. The first class is always free, so drop in and check it out!

Classes are weekly from 6:30-8:30pm every Monday night at:

911 W Anderson Ln. #205

Austin, TX 78757

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