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Stonegate Wellness offers a wide variety of services in order to meet your individual wellness needs. Our goal is to be your partner through each step of your health and wellness journey, and to not only offer superior treatment, but also lifestyle tools to help you increase your quality of life every day.
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Acupuncture works by stimulating the bodies internal communication systems, utilizing blood vessels, nerves, and even fascial conduction! Because everything in the body is connected, these systems when stimulated, allow us to trigger broad types of function throughout the body system. Acupuncture has been shown to directly influence brain activity, neurotransmitters, hormone production, inflammation, immune response, and even gene expression. 

Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine, along with acupuncture is one of the largest components of Traditional Chinese Medical treatment. In fact, many modern pharmaceuticals are based on traditional herbal medicines. Herbs can be used for anything from stomach ache, to common cold, to weight loss, to cancer, and often work well in conjunction with nutritional changes and proper supplementation. 


Cupping is one of the secondary treatment methods available in Traditional Chinese Medicine. In it, the air inside a glass cup is heated and then the cup is quickly placed on the skin. As the air cools it creates suction, drawing the skin and some of the subcutaneous tissue upward. The sensation can range from mild pressure to very strong pulling depending on the amount of suction used. Cupping is used to create space between the skin, fascia, and muscle which can improve blood flow exchange, lymph drainage, and lactic acid clearance. The stimulation of the skin and nerves can also help to discharge the nervous system to help discharge stress. 

Moxa Heat Therapy

Moxa is the common name for Mugwort or the Artemisia plant. In Traditional Chinese Medicine it is burned therapeutically in several forms on areas or acupuncture points in order to stimulate a functional response in the body. It can be burned directly on the skin (direct moxa), made into a stick and held above the skin (indirect moxa), and even packed around the top of an acupuncture needle and lit in order to propagate heat down the needle (warm needle). Moxa is used in particular because the quality of heat generated by moxa if very penetrating, meaning that the heat and associated functions get into the selected points rather than simply warming the skin surface. 


We combine modern nutritional understanding with Traditional Chinese Constitutional understanding in order to cut through all the hype and give you a simple, easy to understand and more importantly, easy to follow program of nutrition and supplementation. We also build in traditional herbal support on top of your supplements and diets to make sure we're addressing the functional systems that need to support the rest of your digestive system. You can also download our nutrition tracking form if you'd like to keep a log.


Qigong is a broad category of heal practices. They can be anything from quite, sitting meditations up through very challenging physical movement. What unifies various forms of qigong is a focus on connecting the body, mind, and breathing. The practice of qigong in all of its forms can help release and manage stress, strengthen the body, improve flexibility, and improve body system function. Justin began practicing qigong at the age of ten and it has been an enormous part of his personal practice since then, and a large part of what he credits for his own good health. 

Tai Chi

With time, Tai Chi can also be trained into a powerful and effective form of self-defense. Justin teaches both the health, and martial aspects of Tai Chi, as well as a wide range of Tai Chi weapons such as straight sword, broad sword, staff, fan, and soft weapons. He teaches private and group lessons on request, as well as weekend seminars.  

Feng Shui

The need for Feng Shui arises from a simple truth; if you are in 
conflict with your environment then you cannot truly heal. The purpose of the Feng Shui consultation is to create more natural flow in your space, create spaces for rest, healing, and activity, and eliminate 'sha', or unpleasant stimuli. The effects of having a home or work space balanced are often dramatic and surprising, with break throughs in long stagnant projects, recovery from chronic illnesses, and an overall sense of well-being. 

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If you are a new patient to Stonegate Wellness, we recommend you download these two forms to get a head start towards a healthy life.
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